24H Le Mans


Please find below the list of your main contacts for the upcoming edition of the 24 Heures du Mans. Do not hesitate to contact us directly would you need any additional information.

Operational Team ACO TV

TV Operations Manager

person Nathalie Fargier

+33 6 19 63 73 52

Head of Content / Main TV Director

person Olivier Denis

+33 6 76 05 20 64

Booking Manager

person Christelle Sire

+33 6 45 12 80 93

Information Manager

person Lotta Richter

+33 6 16 39 93 08

TV Compound Manager

person Vincent Goubin

+33 6 80 96 29 32

Logistics Manager

person Charles Munia

+33 6 26 82 49 47

Logistics Assistant

person Baptiste Rousseau

+33 6 95 30 74 94

Booking & Information Office ACO TV

Our office* is located on the explore TV compound, at the entrance, and is the main contact point for all broadcasters/teams/manufacturers coming on site.

The team is at your service to help with all issues and requests, as well as follow-up on scheduled unilateral services and other facilities you have booked for the event.
We distribute and collect all booking-related information, and deliver the services and facilities booked, in coordination with the operational staff on site.

Booking Manager

person Christelle Sire

+33 6 45 12 80 93

Information Manager

person Lotta Richter

+33 6 16 39 93 08


Monday 31 August
Rate Card Agreement
August 31, 2020


As previous years there will be a catering service at the explore TV Compound, if you wish to use their services you must book meals and pay in advance directly with the caterer LBM.
Please find all information, cost and contact details in the pdf below.


Sunday 6 September
September 6, 2020


ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) is in charge of all the temporary frequency requests.

It is compulsory to go via ANFR to book your frequency, you cannot use your own frequency.

Applicants for temporary frequencies must complete the downloadable application form below and return it in the original excel format to:

Please send a copy of your RF booking to:


For your different telecom needs (analogue lines, ISDN, internet, etc.), please find the offer in the document below, and send your booking to:

Please make your booking at the latest a week prior to your arrival.


person Caroline Bévillon

+ 33 2 43 40 24 88

Office Furniture

The company Belinois Reception is located just by the circuit.
On their website (only in french) you can find information on the material available for rental. launch

Belinois Reception

person Laure Blanchard

+33 2 43 86 80 53
+33 6 58 56 48 70

Scooter Hire

To hire a scooter, bicycle or buggy during the event, the following companies can assist you.

Eventis Location

person Bertrand Faivre

+33 6 65 72 59 35

Speed Mov

person Jean-Jacques Lelièvre

+33 6 26 66 16 10

Video Archives

INA (The French National Audiovisual Institut) is the exclusive ACO partner for the footage distribution of all the best moments of the legendary Le Mans race.
A professional website, is at your disposal to search on line inside the 24H of Le Mans collection. launch


person Philippe Sartori

+33 1 49 83 36 50


The Conciergerie du Circuit reopens for the coming 24H of Le Mans 2019.
You can find information on the services supplied on their website launch

Motor Homes

MAINE Loisirs

person François-Xavier Sergent launch

+33 (0)2 43 42 00 80

MGR Loisirs

person Marc Ravenel & Anne-Laure launch

+33 (0)1 40 06 04 54
+33 (0)6 60 06 17 91