24H Le Mans


In this, the Information section, you will find all you need to know to prepare your arrival and organise your work during the Race Week.

Covid-19 Information

It is mandatory for each and everyone present at the 24H Le Mans to have read the Covid 19 Protocol below, which defines all terms, rules and obligations related to the health safety at the 2020 24H Le Mans.

It is also mandatory for each person with an accreditation as broadcaster/ENG crew working in the TV compound & paddock to make a PCR Test, and to sign and complete a sworn statement (document below). This statement needs to be added to each accreditation when making your online requests.

Event Timing & Entry List24H Le Mans

Please find below information on the teams registered for this years edition.

Information with the track timing for the Race Week will be available to download shortly.

Venue & Access Maps

As they are finalized the following documents will be accessible for download:


There are parking zones, for vehicles and camping cars, assigned close to the TV Compound.
Parking stickers will be given to you at the explore Maison Blanche, when you pick up your accreditations to enter the circuit.

Security Rules & Meetings

Due to the nature of car racing, there are inherent risks and dangers, and anyone accredited for the 24Hours Le Mans must respect the Le Mans circuits' regulations, and comply to the instructions, orders and recommendations given by the ACO staff and it's branches.

Before retrieving your tabard it is mandatory to watch a Security Briefing via a video conference. A link will be sent to you by email.

You may pick up your tabard at our office in the TV Compound, and sign a release form, this form will clarify the different security issues and your obligations.
Please note the tabards are personal (a number = a name)

For those working in the pitlane you need to bring your firesuit when you retrieve your tabard so we may check it is badged FIA 8856 - 2000.

Compulsory BriefingFor Live Reporters

For the Live Reporters working in the pit lane, please come and see us in our office in the TV Compound, well before you start working in the pitlane. We need to identify you and give you the relevant additional security information.

Security Regulations at the Circuit

Please find below the Rules & Regulations they apply to all persons working at the circuit or attending as public.

Access Racing Zone & Track

Access to various zones is strictly regulated and subject to holding the appropriate accreditation. There are no derogations possible.


It is strictly prohibited to access the track when opened for racing or during the qualifiers.


This access is reserved to live networks and authorized ENG Crews, with zone 0 on their accreditation.

For security reasons, any person authorized to work in the pit-lane, must wear a neutral colour fireproofed suit and a helmet.

It is mandatory to bring your own fire suit.
Access to the pit lane is only permitted wearing a FIA Standard 8856-2000 fire suit.

It is compulsory to wear the pit lane tabard over the fire suit.
Advertising on the fire suit is prohibited; only the logos of TV channels are tolerated.

Cabled cameras (triax) are strictly prohibited in this area.
Only ENG and RF units as referenced by the ACO are authorized.

Security lanes

In order to access the security lanes, the staff must hold appropriate accreditation and wear a track tabard.

Parking, in the direction opposite to the race direction, as well as keeping headlights and lights on at night, is strictly forbidden.


Podium access is strictly reserved for the International Signal of 24 Hours Le Mans

Cameras & RF Deliveries

Authorized cameras should have the sticker delivered by the ACO booking/information office on site, clearly visible.

RF cameras as well as any radiobroadcasting device using RF frequencies (RF microphones, walkie-talkies) must hold ANFR authorisation. ANFR staff will be on site and work in close collaboration with ACO and all broadcasters.

Frequencies should be booked directly with ANFR.
For more details see: frequencies contact

Press Shuttles & Media Center

Race Week: Qualifications & RacePress Shuttles

The shuttle service operates from explore CAR PARK P2E.
6 shuttle buses are reserved for media with tabards 1 to 6

Shuttles 1 2 3 stop at:

Even-numbered shuttles (2 buses: 4 6 ) follow the route:

Odd-numbered shuttles (1 buse: 5 ) follow the route:

On average, waiting time at each stop is 20 / 25 minutes.


calendar_today September 17 Thursday 8:30 PM — 00:30 AM

calendar_today September 18 Friday 08:30 AM — 07:30 PM

Last return: 12:05 AM


calendar_today Weekend (24H/24H) Saturday — Sunday 09:00 AM (Saturday) — non-stop — 03:00 PM (Sunday)

From 01:00 AM until 07:00 AM on request

Due to the traffic within the circuit area, the drivers will stop only on the stops mentioned above. Thanks for your understanding. MAP INDICATING THE DIFFERENT STOPS SEE BELOW

Race Week: Qualifications & RaceMedia Center

You have a Media Center at your disposal explore on the TV Compound during the Race Week, here you will find up dated race information and a Wi-Fi access to check and send e-mails.

You cannot access the MC above the circuit, this year it is reserved for a limited number of photographers and journalists.

IMPORTANT: This is not a place to edit or send image files, and you cannot book your own internet connection. If you need facilities for editing you should book a Porta cabin or Edit Space
For more details see: Onsite Facilities & Services.

Opening hours:

calendar_today September 16 Wednesday 9 AM — 9 PM

calendar_today September 17 Thursday 8:30 AM — 1 AM (Friday)

calendar_today September 18 Friday 8:30 AM — 8 PM

calendar_today Weekend (24H/24H) Saturday — Sunday 7:30 AM (Saturday) — non-stop — 6 PM (Sunday)

TV Compound Amenities & Regulations

The TV Compound, accessible during the Race Week, is a pedestrian zone, and the circulation of vehicles in the TV compound is prohibited, save for scheduled loading and unloading operations. The area is entirely closed and secured day and night.


Bathroom blocs, showers and toilets are at your disposal they are cleaned several times a day.
Bins are disposed in the TV Compound and emptied every day.
Thanks in advance for respecting this common space.


A catering service is available and you should book your meals in advance.

For more details see: catering contact
For hygiene and security reasons, private catering, kitchens or barbecues are strictly prohibited.


We kindly ask everyone to be responsible with regard to cleanliness. Trash cans as well as ashtrays are provided, we thank you for being attentive and not throw waste on the ground.